Hello, Hello

They say you should never write in cliches but I am going to break that rule right now: THE WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER! This is a saying that I hope will become my mantra. I love mantras. I think they possess the power to transform your world, your thoughts and how you relate to those… Continue reading Hello, Hello


Takashi Murakami: Octopus, skulls and sparkles

I didn't think I had heard of Takashi Murakami when my parents first mentioned him to me, but it turns out I have been a fan of his work for years without knowing it. Like me, you might also have been an unknown admirer of the Japanese artist because of his collaborations with famous pop… Continue reading Takashi Murakami: Octopus, skulls and sparkles

Positive Living

How Yoga Supports my Physical and Emotional Health — OFF YOUR CHEST

A few weeks ago I was approached by OFF YOUR CHEST, after they read my post on my first yoga retreat. They asked if I would like to contribute an essay on yoga and mental health and I was more than happy to share my experience with their readers. I hope that others can read… Continue reading How Yoga Supports my Physical and Emotional Health — OFF YOUR CHEST

Positive Living

Self Care Sunday Yoga Retreat

Today I embarked on an awesome new adventure, my first yoga retreat. Hosted by my wonderful Bedtime Yoga instructor, Melissa Krieger, the retreat was a full day of gentle flow, nidra (guided meditation) and restorative yoga, plus a great self care activity and a lovely catered lunch. The space that hosted us for the day was… Continue reading Self Care Sunday Yoga Retreat


Snowshoeing & Exploring the Comox Valley

Last weekend I ventured up to Mount Washington, for the first time since middle school, with my friend and reliable travel partner Elizabeth. Elizabeth and I go on at least one trip per year together, and whenever we do it is always full of laughs and good times. Mount Washington is located about a three… Continue reading Snowshoeing & Exploring the Comox Valley

Positive Living

Reclaiming Valentine’s Day

I always liked Valentine's Day. I liked exchanging themed cards in school. I liked the feeling of love in the air. I liked the beautiful bouquets of flowers and the sparkly red decorations. I liked seeing the couples celebrating their commitment to one another. I liked watching the romantic comedies and Valentine's Day themed movies.… Continue reading Reclaiming Valentine’s Day