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Reclaiming Valentine’s Day

I always liked Valentine's Day. I liked exchanging themed cards in school. I liked the feeling of love in the air. I liked the beautiful bouquets of flowers and the sparkly red decorations. I liked seeing the couples celebrating their commitment to one another. I liked watching the romantic comedies and Valentine's Day themed movies.… Continue reading Reclaiming Valentine’s Day


Finishing my first Canvas

It took two more trips to finish my melanin version of Klimt's The Kiss, and it was a great opportunity for some more bonding with my little sister Alice. The painting was part of a silkscreening workshop Alice and I signed up for a few weeks ago at 4Cats art studio in Oak Bay, and… Continue reading Finishing my first Canvas

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My top five local holiday adventures

The Christmas holidays are one of my favourite times of the year and this year, due to a change in plans, I am spending my whole Christmas break in my hometown. Staying home for the vacation season presents me with a great challenge of trying to unplug, relax and reset while also exploring the great… Continue reading My top five local holiday adventures